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Sports Activities
Engage in thrilling mountain biking, enjoy serene golf rounds, or soar with flying lessons in Montauban. For nature lovers, our hiking trails offer scenic beauty and tranquillity.


Leisure Activities
Relax with a gentle river trip, immerse in local culture at summer festivals, or enjoy regional concerts. These activities combine leisure with cultural exploration.


Market Tour
Experience the vibrancy of medieval town markets, bustling with local products and delicacies. It's a colourful glimpse into regional life and artisanal treasures.


Explore rich cultural heritage with visits to medieval towns, castles, monasteries, and museums. Each site offers a unique story and insight into our region's past.


Tour local wineries and taste the diversity of the region's wines, from Cahors' bold flavours to the unique blends of Gaillac, Quercy, and Fronton. A delightful journey for wine enthusiasts.

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